Staefli Seeds, renowned for their expertise in cultivating Oregon genetics, have succeeded in delivering a flavor-packed sensation with their latest creation. This hybrid strain, a cross of Zkittlez X JiffyCake, showcases a remarkable combination of flavors, featuring prominent citrus and piney notes, delicately intertwined with a subtle hint of peanut butter.  

With its tantalizing flavor profile and potent effects, this hybrid from Staefli Seeds promises a truly exceptional cannabis experience. Whether you are seeking an enjoyable and flavorful session or an uplifting and elevated high, this strain is sure to deliver a unique and satisfying journey. 


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Additional information

About This Strain:

THC, CBD: 23.08%, 0.05%
Terpenes: 3.72%, Terpinolene, Alpha-Pinene, Delta-Limonene
Sub-species: Hybrid
Aroma: Nutty, Savory
Flavor: Peanut butter
Cultivation Notes: Stacks heavy on plant
Material Insight: Chunky nugs
Breeder: StaeFli Seeds